"bullet" sewing kit

A favorite possession: the sewing kit my mother gave to me when I went to college. It was given to her by another woman in her family. The kit's contents are: one spool of white thread, one spool of black thread, one needle in its own capped container, all enclosed in a thimble-topped outer container. The spools are wood, and the containers are possibly brass.

It's perfectly tidy, portable, and compact, juxtaposing feminine craft tools inside an ammunition-like silhouette. I love the materials: wood, metal, cotton thread.

You can see all the kit's parts here:

I don't have information on the manufacturer. The only identifying mark I can find is one remaining label on the end of the black spool of thread (my family is from Vietnam, so this item probably has French, or maybe Swiss, origins):

Search engine results turn up mentions of bullet-shaped sewing kits that various early 20th-century companies distributed as promotional items.

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