unsatisfying: Hostess Powdered Donettes

Oh, Hostess powdered donettes...I swear you used to satisfy, but your velvety white dusting has become a chemical concoction of what I imagine to be sugar, powdered melamine, and titanium dioxide. The donut itself is more palatable, but also suffers a flat industrial taste.

Some time between my college years (the late 90s) and the mid-2000s (the times when I had occasion/impulse to pick up a 6-pack of powdered donettes), Hostess, and seemingly all powdered mini-donut makers, must have changed their recipes. I swear the donuts, especially the powdered sugar, now have an astringent flavor/texture.

Still so cute, but now so wrong. And so I mourn the passing of the [once-satisfying] powdered donette.

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