Crate and Barrel's Footed Dessert Dish

(photos from crateandbarrel.com)

I was registering for my wedding when I saw these dessert dishes, which were a nice-to-have as opposed to a must-have (over the years I've become more compelled to accumulate and consume less...so these are a guilty pleasure). But I couldn't resist, and happily one of my bridesmaids purchased these from the registry.

I really like the completely curvy shape of the bowl and pedestal. With dining items, I'm always interested in the storage situation, which means: can these stack? which they do to some degree:

However they slide around a fair amount. But, that's the compromise for getting the nice silhouette. As for use, these are great for ice cream, liquidy/creamy/chunky desserts, fruit, and so forth.

At one point I wondered, what's so appealing about footed dessert dishes like this? I think it's the fact that your dessert is up on a little pedestal, creating a little personal presentation. Why have poundcake and whipped cream on a plate when you can have it like this:

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