Crate and Barrel's Leo All-Purpose Glass

(photos from crateandbarrel.com)

My dish and glassware accumulation was fairly complete, but I didn't have anything really suited for cocktails or hard drinks. I'd been thinking about picking up some old-fashioned and cocktail glasses, but I don't care much for the shape (straight sides) or balance of old-fashioneds (bottom-heavy). And while cocktail glasses have the mod-ness of the cone shape, drinking from one is like sipping from a giant tipped basin (inverse problem: top-heavy).

Then I saw these glasses in a Crate and Barrel catalog. Unless you love the previously mentioned glassware types, the Leo glass is a fantastic stand-in for as many as four different types of glassware.

The proportions, that petite stem, the fit in the hand are great. There's just the right amount of taper to the sides (nice for sipping from and holding). Its silhouette isn't exclusively tied to any one drink, so it can easily serve water, wine, cocktails, liquor, or juice.

Oh, and customer comments on Crate and Barrel's site mention serving parfaits and desserts in these glasses. Multiple uses are definitely a plus.

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